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PDF Page Turning Software is the #1 on the market

PDF Page Turning Software is the #1 on the market

If you are reading this it means you are struggling to find the right PDF Page Turning Software. You looked everywhere but none of the tools seemed to have what you needed or you just simply felt overwhelmed by the seemingly unlimited number of options. I used to feel the same until I found the incredible free page-turning software YUMPU Publishing.

Now, I am here to tell you all about it.

Many artists and writers still look for ways to publish their work in a realistic format online. The experience of turning the pages of a book is lost in the world of computers and digital technology, but the PDF page turning software free that I have found creates books that move and feel like the paper edition you have at home.

The software was designed for magazine layouts, but you may use the software for any sort of publication you choose. The page turning effect in PDF documents creates a brand new world of reading for your fans.

But before we get to my favorite, I want to mention some of the never-ending pdf page flip software free options.

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Table of contents

A wide range of different software

  • Flipbuilder

  • FlipHMTL5

  • Bote

  • Anyflip

  • YUMPU Publishing

  • i-Mag

  • PubHTML5

  • Flipsnack

  • 3d Page Flip

  • …..

And now, I will finally reveal the best of the best flipbook creator!

The best PDF page turning software

You do not need an editor of a publishing house to help you put out your work with this best software option.

The website is the publisher, their website is the home of your work and their free page turning software using PDF technology is your workshop.

You have complete control over the design and layout of your publication, and you may make changes whenever you want.

Artists often need extra time to work on their projects, and this service saves all your work until you are ready to publish.


You are free to make a publication that is only a few pages, or you may use it to create something akin to a novella.

It is all up to you.

And the flipping book solution I am talking about is…

…. YUMPU Publishing.

Now that you know about this software you might wonder:

How to create a magazine with this digital page turning software?

Let me tell you, to create a flipbook is pretty easy!

Here are the exact steps you have to take for creating a flipbook:

  1. Go to the website of the free page turning software YUMPU Publishing.

PDF page turning software YumpuPublishing

PDF page turning software YUMPU Publishing where you only need a PDF.

2. Create your account for free

Sign up for a free account (enter your email and a new password; you will then get a confirmation email)

Create Yumpu account for free with only entered your Email

3. Now you will find your flipping book in the ‘Document Manager’ (click on ‘edit magazine’ to make a change you prefer)

Make changes to the flipbook on Yumpu Publishing

4. Enter a title, description, select a category, add tags, and many more

Set basic information on your Publication

Set basic information on your Publication on YUMPU Publishing like title, description, and more.

5. If you click on ‘Hotspot Editor’ (you need the adFREE plan) you get to add audio, video, hyperlinks, slideshows, …

Hotspot Editor on Yumpu Publishing with the adFREE plan

That’s it!

You now successfully created your first page flipping book using the page-flipping software 🙂

Free Plan

The digital flipbook maker YUMPU Publishing has a free version that gives you all the functions you need to create a large PDF work. Using YUMPU Publishing for free makes it easy for you to put out an interactive publication with almost no overhead costs at all.

Some professional features included in the free version:

  • Social media sharing

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Great support team to contact

  • Unlimited pages per flip book

  • Reach millions of readers with your page flipping book

  • Optimized for any device (desktop and mobile devices)

  • Embed digital magazines on your website/blog

  • Good reading experience for your user

  • No download of the software needed

  • and many more

You do not need to move on to the paid plans unless you are looking for some more awesome features. With the PDF to page turning software free you can do a lot too.

The HTML5 flipbook maker offers 4 different paid plans:  adFree, WEBKiosk, APPKiosk, and PROKiosk.

Since my personal favorite is the adFREE plan, and it’s also their cheapest plan I will only mention that one closer.

I started to use that plan about 1 year ago and couldn’t be any happier.

It offers all tools necessary in order for you to create a successful product catalog/newsletter/brochure.

You get Google Analytics integration so that you know which content is well-liked among your readers. There is no advertisement to distract your readers from your content and you get to set privacy settings. This way you get to decide whom you want to share your digital magazine with. But those are only a few of the many features and benefits that come with this plan.

So with the adFREE plan, you get additional features such as:

  • Google Analytics

  • Embed images, audio, links, and Vimeo or youtube videos

  • SEO

  • no advertisement

  • privacy settings

  • and many more

For only $19.95/month. Plus this plan comes with a 30-day free trial.


This platform houses all the flash publications using PDF with page-turning effects.

All the documents read just like a book that you prefer to be turning pages of in your home.

You may peruse other documents they have published, or you can quickly send your readers directly to the documents you created.

The service lets you share the publications made with the PDF to page turning software_._ The best way to keep your readership enthralled is by using this tool as your publishing platform.

They offer a direct link to your works that may be shared anywhere on the Internet, and people who visit YUMPU Publishing regularly will find you by browsing the catalog of works on the site.

Edit Your Work

Artists edit their work often, and this free flip book software service does not lock up your documents when you are finished.

The page turning effect in PDF does not permanently save your document.

You may make small changes to your publications, and you may add extra chapters to the story of a magazine that you have published.

You are not required to create new documents with the free page turning software using PDF when you have new ideas.

Add your new ideas to the current photo flip book, and ensure that you have a document you are proud of.

Teaming up with more than one artist allows each artist on the project ample opportunity to work on the document, and the document is published new every time it is edited.

The PDF with page turning effects is a new way of reading online.

Those who come to YUMPU Publishing with a desire to read will see documents that look like the books and magazines they have at home.

So go ahead and try the free flipbook software YUMPU Publishing now!

The service is totally free, but it offers even better options when you pay for the adFREE plan.

You may publish infinite amounts of material for your fans to read, and they can turn the pages just like their favorite book. A plus for the page turning PDF software.

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