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Where can I Read Magazines Online for Free without effort?

Where can I Read Magazines Online for Free without effort?

Where can I read magazines online for free? Get unlimited online magazines for free with YUMPU News! Using YUMPU News you can access thousands of UK and US magazines on a new, exciting, and easy-to-use platform. By simply handling you can access your favorite magazine titles and a variety of new ones for the whole family. You have complete control over how you use your online libraries.  You can try YUMPU News for one month free! If you decide to join, you can do so at a low monthly rate of 9,97 euros with absolutely no contract. Simply cancel your subscription whenever you want to. Where can I read magazines online for free – I will show you YUMPU News.

Read Magazines Online Now – YUMPU News!

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All my favorites in one place

All the best English magazines are available on YUMPU News with many well-known titles available for online reading. You can also read magazines from other countries. UK magazines on the site include the popular Men’s Health or Cosmopolitan. If you enjoy keeping up with the latest news you will love YUMPU News’s top selection of science magazines and the kids have their favorites too.

On YUMPU News you can access food magazines, business publications, get tips on how to manage your money, choose the best wine, or read books about what PC to buy.  There are magazines for the festive season, those special spring months, the first day of May, sports, and music.

Where can I read magazines online for free?

On YUMPU News, you can access your treasured reads for 30 days without paying anything. After the test month, you only pay 9,97 EUR per month. Magazines are available at a glance but if you’re looking for a specific magazine simply use the special “search” function.  Search for the cover of your usual magazine or read the basic description of new magazines to see if you like them.

You can select any category of the magazine you like to find dozens of magazines offering beauty and health tips, recipes, tech content, kids’ content, or sports. Read as many as you want in a day or save them for the weekend, the choice is yours.  Once you’ve read your chosen articles YUMPU News shows you a selection of new magazines according to your favorites.

To find content browse to the “Discover” area. Clicking on a magazine opens all its issues. You can get the latest issues or browse previous issues that you might have missed.  A special “MyKiosk” area allows you to collect your reading material for later enjoyment. You can add magazines to your personal favorites list for reading later on.  To access the magazine issue of your choice, simply click on it!

where can I read online magazines for free

Read online magazine on the tablet and enjoy

Reading on my tablet or iPad

The YUMPU News app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play. If you want to read using your web browser, you just go online and register for the free account at YUMPU News.

If you download in your app content to your phone or tablet you can read without needing an internet connection. This is the ideal option if you don’t have much time during the week but love to read on the weekend or after the children have gone to sleep. With YUMPU News you can have your own special collection of magazines to access when you want to.

YUMPU News for the whole family

YUMPU News makes it easy to share the fun with the whole family. Using the app or the browser you can create up to five different profiles for your family members.  Each profile allows users to select preferences and store magazines under “MyKiosk”.  Personal bookmarks and recently read lists are included for each profile.

Readers can choose from different page views for magazines, so you can opt for a one-page or two-page view for each choice.  You can set your view to full screen viewing to get the most from your magazines.  Once you’ve finished going back to find more content that interests you.

You will be able to access your list of magazines, on your own personal content page, choose and set your personal bookmarks. Magazines that are added will help you access the content you read often. YUMPU News allows readers their own space.

Unlimited high-quality content

The platform offers all the best magazines and lots of titles across many genres.  This means that there is something for everybody and across all age groups. There are magazines for men, women, teens, and kids including sports, gossip, business, science, and parenting magazines.

For one fixed monthly fee you can have unlimited content at your fingertips – that’s lots of magazines and includes the latest and back issues. If you keep your monthly subscription, the whole family can read as much as you like.

Yes, you can indeed! For a fixed monthly price of 9,97 euros, you get unlimited access to all the magazines on YUMPU News. Both new issues and back issues.

You can read to your heart’s content if you have a subscription. The selection consists of lots of magazines. You can find an overview of all the magazines on the well-organized homepage.

Subscription & Costing

A single YUMPU News subscription allows you to give access to four persons like family members, friends, or partners. The persons can read magazines on their desktop, tablet, iPad, laptop, or any other device.

To share the account, sign in with your account details to access your subscription. Then allow the persons you give access to to create their own unique reader profiles. You can get a YUMPU News subscription for EUR 9,97 per month

Pay for your YUMPU News subscription

Make a safe, easy payment by registering a payment method on your customer account.  Monthly subscriptions are made in advance and deducted automatically each month.  You can pay using a credit card (VISA/ MasterCard).

There is no contract to sign and you can cancel your subscription at any time. On YUMPU News you can cancel your subscription using your customer account.


If you think that YUMPU News may suit your lifestyle, share the magic with your favorite people for 30 days for free to see if you like it.

Once you pay your first subscription fee you will have a personal library of magazines free to read for the year to come and if you continue to subscribe.  And you can choose from titles as diverse categories. It is definitely worth an investment, save costs (9.97 euros per month for unlimited reading from numerous magazines), I can protect the environment and the best thing is that there is no need to go to the kiosk. Yupi!

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