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How to Create a Page Turning PDF? The answer is not far away!

How to Create a Page Turning PDF? The answer is not far away!

Besides my profession as a programmer, I’m a writer/content creator and digital publisher. I write ebooks, create original magazines, children’s books, and many other publications for children and adults alike. But today, in our digital world, it’s now essential to have the tools you need to create what you need without spending hours and hours trying to find the right solution. And even more importantly, not having to figure out how to create a page turning PDF afterward. I did a  lot of research until I finally stumbled upon the free and easy to use software YUMPU Publishing.

In the beginning, I was utterly overwhelmed. How to create a page turning PDF and which software is best to use?

Just so you know, there are a ton on the market that promise to get you a great page flipping PDF…

…well not all of them do!

But don’t worry, I have found software that works great for the creation of a page turn PDF.

And I will give you all insights and details that I learned and discovered about page flip in PDF and PDF page flip free.

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Table of contents

How to create a page turning PDF? The right flipping pages PDF software is needed!

How to create a page turning PDF on the laptop

How to create a page turning PDF on the laptop with a pageflip effect.

When I first started to think about how to create my digital catalog on technology topics, I did extensive research on the Internet. The only thing I could imagine so far was creating a page turning PDF with InDesign.

So admittedly, at first, I wasted a lot of time trying out various types of software that would create page turn PDF files. Flipbookit software was one of them, Adobe Acrobat another one. Adobe for example allows for page turning effects. The features are limited though and you cannot turn the pages like a real book.

It soon became clear that a great page turn PDF requires specialized software. Otherwise, it would be impossible to get a realistic page flip effect.

Most of the software was really expensive. Others were desktop software and needed a download.

Another PDF page turning software looked too complicated and required hours to learn. Especially if you did not already have a publishing background.

The problem was that I didn’t have enough time. Neither did I have experience in publishing.

I wanted to get my turning page PDF magazine out there as soon as possible.

Finally, I found an online magazine software that promised to create page flip PDF files. With just a simple click.

I’m talking about YUMPU Publishing.

It is a free online platform that allows you to make a turning PDF. According to their site and the positive reviews, they offer their users lots of features.

Their easy-to-use interface allows publishers to create their page turn magazine or page turn ebook in no time. And best of all, it’s absolutely free!

What is this service really all about?

It is a free digital solution that takes your self-created PDF pages and turns them into a page flip book. It’s like type creation that users are used to for magazine creation.

This flip page PDF platform offers different plans, starting with the FREE Plan and then going up to the paid plans adFREE, WEBKiosk, APPKiosk, and PROKiosk. With my code, you can now secure 20% for 12 months on all plans. Simply enter the code MichaelG20 when purchasing.

Their FREE plan basically offers everything you need to get started – here are some features:

The most useful features at a glance:

  • It’s free. There are paid plans if you need more features, but the free version has everything you need to get started with.
    Note: Their adFREE plan also has a free trial of 30-days

  • Supports all devices: Create and view your flipbook on mobile devices and desktop

  • Easy PDF page transitions in HTML5 with this online free PDF page turner

  • Add it to your favorite platform or any social network (your website, online shop, Facebook, etc.). You can also view your flipbook in full screen

  • Printing is possible (you can print your online catalog)

  • Fully integrated with all major social media networks, publications will spread like wildfire

  • Link from your page turning PDF documents to your website with a page flip, product shops, blogs, etc.

  • Unmatched support & guidance

  • Amazing page turning effect in PDFs

  • No software download needed for a page flip pdf free

Further customization options:

If you are looking to further customize your flipbook and benefit from additional features such as…

  • SEO (optimized for search engines like Google and Bing)

  • Google Analytics (to track which content of your flipbook your readers like etc.)

  • No advertisements (readers won’t be distracted from other publications or ads while reading your magazine)

  • Visibility settings (decide who is able to view your flip book)

  • Add / Embed video and audio files into your publications (with the adFREE plan)

  • and many more…

…you can always make an upgrade to their adFREE plan. Pricing is $19,95 per month and there is a 30-day free trial so you literally got nothing to lose.

I personally have been using the adFREE plan for about 3 years now and could not be happier with my decision.

–> [Update] I recently made an upgrade to their WEBKiosk plan and I’m very satisfied. Having my own online kiosk displaying all my publications is amazing.

Keep on reading to find out how I managed to nearly double my flipbook traffic thanks to this service!

Increased visibility + traffic on my page turn PDF with the WEBKiosk plan? Yes, please!

What really amazed me was that they have millions of readers. This way, you immediately get access to their large reader base. This was one of the most helpful things as it helps increase your circulation potential and publishing capabilities.

But there’s more.

Besides exposing your flipbook to the existing audience, you also benefit from HTML indexing. The content is search engine friendly and your magazine will be indexed by Google. Normal PDFs barely get indexed by search engines.

If your flippable PDF magazine gets indexed into Google’s search results, you can expect a lot more visibility. At best, you will benefit from increased traffic and more readers.

This might sound too good to be true. And to be honest, I thought so too. So, to see if things hold true, I gave it a try.

No lie, the traffic on the epaper I created with this software nearly DOUBLED compared to my previous “normal” PDF!

And here is the screenshot to prove it:

Analytics Traffic

Analytics Traffic on your magazine nearly doubled

I was really thrilled!

In short: this tool is definitely worth a try.

Tips on creating a page turning PDF

How to create a page turning PDF on the laptop with a page flip effect

How to create a page turning PDF on the laptop with a page flip effect using the example of a sports magazine

It’s easy to make a flipping PDF file when you use the features of YUMPU Publishing.

It’s a no brainer. Just create your PDF document with the content and information you want first. Here’s why: You need a PDF to publish a digital magazine. Then choose a meaningful picture for your cover.

Upload the PDF document with pictures to the website’s converter. The software will quickly convert your PDF to a flipbook format and creating a flipbook from a pdf. Just by uploading a simple PDF file, the service will display the publication online in a beautiful digital page flip PDF reader – FOR FREE!

Once uploaded, the magazines with the page turning effects (pdf turn pages like a book) are hosted in the cloud.

Furthermore, the service has a specialized multimedia tool that allows you to create interactive multimedia magazines as well.

It takes your PDF documents and literally creates a high-tech multimedia digital brochure right before your eyes without having to use InDesign.

Now, let’s go through it step-by-step:

How to make your PDF flip like a book?

1. Go to the login website of the flipbook creator YUMPU Publishing. Register for an account by inserting your email. Wait for the confirmation email and password and click on the given link.

Login Flipbook Creator Yumpu

Login Flipbook Creator YUMPU with an indication of the email address.

2. Drag & drop your PDF to the flipbook converter to convert your PDF.

How to turn a page turning PDF upload

How to turn a page turning PDF upload

3. After your flipping book pages are ready, it will appear immediately where you drag & drop your PDF. Scroll down to your basic information now to customize your flipping book.

Edit page turning PDF with the basic information area

Edit page turning PDF with the basic information area on YUMPU Publishing.

4. Share your magazine on social networks or/and embed it into your website by clicking “Share” or “Embed”.

Share page turning PDF on YumpuPublishing

Share page turning PDF on YUMPU Publishing with click on the “share” field or the “embed” field.

5. Congratulations! You’ve now successfully created your first page flipping PDF presentation with an incredible set of features!

The best digital publishing solution online

If you are a writer, digital publisher, or anyone just wanting to share your ideas with the world, check out the great features and settings of the flipping ebook creator YUMPU Publishing.

They will show you how to flip pages in PDF and how to easily take your PDF file and turn it into a stunning, professional-looking page flip magazine.

They take the process of how to create a page turning PDF and turn it into child’s play!

You get beautiful PDF page transitions.

And best of all, it’s free!

That’s why I think this flipbook maker service is the best solution for digital publishing.

Check out YUMPU Publishing today, and you’ll see for yourself why it’s the best solution for publishers that want to create their own digital page flip magazines.

I hope I was able to give you a good insight into how to create a page turning PDF with this post and a page turning pdf viewer. If you got any questions about how to flip a page in PDF or how to use an online PDF viewer for page flip, please let me know!

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