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Flipbook Creator made your business better and increase your sales

Flipbook Creator made your business better and increase your sales

As a small hotel owner, I’m always looking for ways to promote my business to people around the world. This Flipbook Creator offers me exactly what I need, making it easy to craft brochures that are visually stunning and easy to use. I heard about the software from a friend who created their own flipbook for a restaurant. The restaurant instantly saw bookings increase, and I knew that it could do the same for my hotel. So I created a page flipping PDF brochure showing our rooms, amenities, bar, and setting. It was all easy to create, free to use, and produced exceptional results. That’s why I would always recommend the free Flipbook Creator from YUMPU Publishing, and it’s why I’m writing this blog. This tool could be a game-changer for your business.

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This Flipbook Creator is Easy-to-Use and Extremely Powerful

I wasn’t very experienced at manipulating PDFs when I started using YUMPU Publishing’s flipbook maker, but I soon mastered the interface. If I can do it, anyone can. The app lets you convert ordinary PDF files into online flipbooks which use page turning software to resemble physical books, and the process is simple. You just create an account and upload your existing PDF documents. The software will then automatically convert them into flipbook format, and you can add videos and sounds if you like. As a bonus, the online flipbook maker can create an HTML flipbook that can be embedded onto your website or a flipping book in HTML5 format which is great for mobile SEO. We found both features really useful. No special knowledge is needed. Just sign up and create. It’s so simple.

Create a flipping book online and see your traffic soar

When we used the Flipbook creator, we were surprised by how our new flipbooks started to drive traffic to our site. But it’s no accident. YUMPU Publishing’s flipbooks are compressed so that individual pages are taken apart and indexed, reducing their size and ensuring that search engines can map them efficiently. This meant that our advertising flipbook ranks very high in Google and Bing listings for local hotels. And it has also broadened the reach of our site. We can attract customers who wouldn’t normally have visited, and we also use our flipbooks to reach out on Facebook and Twitter, maximizing our social media appeal. The same would apply to any business from art galleries to real estate agents. If SEO is a factor, using this PDF to flipbook creator free is an affordable solution that really works.

Enhance your customer experience by moving from PDF to flipbook

Flipbook software has been incredibly powerful for our business as a way to make customers more excited and keen to visit. Instead of static PDFs to advertise our rooms, we now use a page turning PDF to tell a story and the question “How to create a page turning PDF” has been done. We can lead customers from the lobby to their room, with videos of the garden and pool, and a message from our chef. And the page turning effect makes the experience so much richer. We can also link our online flipbook to other pages on our site, boosting their SEO ranking, while showing off every advantage of our hotel. Again, you can convert PDF to flipbook free in all sorts of situations. It’s easy to imagine flipbook tours of furniture showrooms or fashion boutiques. Your customers will love it, and your products will never have looked better.

Take advantage of the best way to create a flipbook free of charge

Another key aspect of the flipbook creator has cost. Or, more accurately, the absence of cost, because YUMPU Publishing is a free flipbook maker from start to finish. You can achieve professional results which take customers’ breath away, but your marketing budget isn’t dented at all. It’s hard to imagine that you could find a PDF to flipbook creator free with this much functionality, but the software really delivers. And it manages to let you transition from PDF to flipbook free while being easy to use at every stage. When budgets are tight, this is a huge bonus. So we’d recommend using the PDF to flipbook converter free to anyone. There’s no need to spend money on expensive apps or agencies. You can do it yourself for virtually nothing because the software keeps its flip book maker free of charge.

Take your business mobile with a high-quality flipbook

Then again, you can upgrade to paid plans if you prefer. We’ve found the APPKiosk plan really useful when turning PDF flipbooks into documents that look great on smartphones. The software also offers WEBKiosk plans that let you sell subscriptions and libraries of documents, while we’re thinking of buying the PROKiosk plan in the future. It’s an all-around package that lets you send push notifications (in our case to previous guests). If you’re just starting out, we’d advise that you try the free service then upgrade to the adFREE plan which eliminates all ads. But the great thing is how flexible the software is. There’s a plan for everyone.

Make the shift from PDF by creating an online flipbook

Overall, having experienced the benefits of using the tools created by YUMPU Publishing, we wouldn’t go back to static PDF brochures. Thanks to the flipbook creator, we can create stunning PDF and HTML5 flipbook documents whenever we need to. We can sell our hotel overseas, boost SEO, and keep our marketing spend low when we create a flipbook from PDF free. This applies to all sorts of businesses, from fashion to property. If you need professional-level flipbooks, we’d recommend YUMPU Publishing anytime. Give it a try. It could be just what your business needs.

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