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Page Turning Effect in PDF with the help of this software

Page Turning Effect in PDF with the help of this software

Today is 08/09/2020 and I know a lot of people are still looking for a fast and simple way they can get a page turning effect in PDF. Instead of losing valuable time searching for free page turning software using PDF, savvy creators today are finding gratis online services for turning a web page into a PDF. There are a lot of services that let you convert PDF to an interactive flipbook. But only a few also offer all features necessary, as the free flipbook software YUMPU Publishing.

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I’m getting closer to my dream to a page turning effect in PDF

My passion is creation and design, letting the words flow forth and images work to convey emotion.

But I admit I’m not so good at using complicated software.

I discovered an awesome web service: YUMPU Publishing. I can now quickly and easily get that page turning effect in PDF that I’ve always wanted.

The page turn software just converts PDF into a stunning interactive ebook with page transitions. I don’t need to no download the software anymore, as it is web-based.

Page turning effect in PDF: the benefits

Page turning effect in PDF on the laptop with a page flip effect

Page turning effect in PDF on the laptop with an example of a motorcycle magazine

Not only is this flash flip book maker free to use…

…rather their free page turning software using PDF documents also allows me to create a living, magical document to share with millions of visitors.

All my hard work and dedication that went into producing fantastic content now just got a boost with this free page turning software using a PDF file.

What could be simpler than uploading a few static PDF files? And then letting this powerful service transform my work into a page-turning magazine, book, or graphic novel?

Want to know the best part of this?

It’s all free!!

Of course, you can also try one of the paid versions. Both the adFREE and WEBKiosk come with a free trial. The adFREE plan starts at only 19.95 $/month if you pay annually. As just mentioned, this plan comes with a 30-day free trial. So you can just go ahead. Try it out, and see if you like it.

The best choice was the adFREE Plan

The main reason I have made an upgrade to the adFREE plan about 3 years ago, was to benefit from their additional features.

  • Google Analytics integrations

  • no advertisement on my flipbook

  • the possibility of different privacy settings

  • search engine optimization

I also just recently made another upgrade to their WEBKiosk plan to further increase traffic on my flipbook. I was amazed when I saw the first results.

First I want to tell you about some of the great features that you get with their Free Plan:

Share your page turning effect in PDF

Can you imagine, all files are ready to be instantly shared on social networks like Twitter, Facebook & Co.

With the touch of a button, you can publish beautiful digital creations with a page flipping effect. You can share that with your customers, and supporters from inside their favorite social network. This way you will additionally increase your visibility.

Page turning PDF sharing with YumpuPublishing

Page turning PDF sharing with YUMPU Publishing on social media.

Works Everywhere

I’ve invested a lot of my money in my state-of-the-art computer, and I love how crisply and wonderfully my turning a web page into a PDF looks on my home screen.

But I know some of my readers and clients are using older computers and mobile devices.

What amazed me was the ease of navigation. But also how well my PDF flip creation for turning pages could be displayed. The website is so well optimized that it will not be a problem for use with any browser (full screen or not), PC (Mac or Windows), or mobile phone.

Because of this, I’ve had great feedback from my readers. My online flash magazines with PDF pages made the reading experience better!

Audio and Video in your PDF

Some artists necessarily focus on the written word or static images. But YUMPU Publishing’s powerful service also allows creators to add/display video and audio to their PDF documents.

Now static flipping pages PDF can burst forth from the screen, giving customers dynamic and engaging material that will make them convert and read longer.

Whether you’re looking to prepare corporate documents or works of purely artistic merit. The tool allows you to integrate several forms of expression in the PDF media in order to creatively engage the reader.

Fantastic Customer Support

Seems like all is well with free online sites, at least, that is, until something goes wrong.

A simple service that you’ve come to use to host, transform, and process your engaging PDF content. It might not be expected to offer any customer support whatsoever.

But the folks at YUMPU Publishing impressed me with their courtesy and expert advice.

Because, when I got stuck on a tricky technical issue, I expected not more than a robotic answer to my email begging for help. Hence, I was almost blown away when a person from the staff called me shortly thereafter.

Together over the phone we quickly worked out the problem.

Kudos to this flipping book service for their outstanding customer service!

And now let’s get to some of the awesome features you get with their paid plan.

Increased traffic

Can you imagine, YUMPU Publishing optimizes your created page PDF magazines in a way that they rank high in search engines. That’s probably my favorite benefit.

A real TrafficBooster indeed.

This leads to a huge increase in traffic and readers for your flipping book, thanks to YUMPU Publishings artificial intelligence. (You won’t get that with a plain PDF that you create with Adobe Acrobat or Indesign, as they won’t get indexed that well by Google).

Besides, not only does your flipping PDF with page transition effects get indexed, but also the pictures that you use within it. This means additional indexation by Google and therewith more visibility and traffic!

To top things off, with the White Label Solution offered by YUMPU Publishing you can push things even further by having an embed on your homepage. Therewith you get to reach optimal traffic through search engines.

It probably all sounds too good right now, but let me tell you – IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

As you might have seen in my other post “how to create a page turning PDF“, where I included a screenshot of my Google Analytics chart, traffic on my flipbook nearly doubled!

And it did not only work for me. As you can see on this screenshot of one of the comments I got on that other post.

Comment about increased traffic

Comments on increased traffic on Magazine

Add My Own Branding

Furthermore, with a set of multiple powerful services and features offered, I was worried that they would include their own watermark to my valuable documents.

Hence, I was very pleased to see that the service allows me to use and display my own branding. This gives my clients the unique product that they’ve come to depend on. And this way they will only focus on my product and not be distracted.

These are just a few of the various features and benefits offered (otherwise this blog post would become way too long).

How to make a page turning effect in PDF?

Well, a lot of people wonder how to create a page turning PDF? And often think it is difficult or that you need to be some kind of tech-savvy…

… but I got to tell you something…


Once I registered, I simply uploaded – for FREE – my boring old regular PDF files. First I created the PDF using Adobe Acrobat. And then I let the service do the rest. I just had to click “Convert”.

The professional HTML5 flipbookit software simply does convert your page PDF pages into a stunning page turn PDF flipbook that looks like a real book.

Moments later, I was thrilled. I finally had a page flip effect in my PDF. This software brought my creation to life. Now I could publish it.

Still not convinced? Well, I got you covered.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Go to the website of the flipbook digital publishing software of YUMPU Publishing. Click on the little icon. You will be redirected to the registration page.

Page turning effect PDF login on YumpuPublishing

Page turning effect PDF login on YUMPU Publishing with no effort.

2. Sign up for free for a new account or log in with your already existing account. Afterward, check your email inbox to activate your account. After the activation of your account, you will have to enter your username and password.

Login procedure on Yumpu Publishing with details of the email address and a password

Login procedure on YUMPU Publishing with details of the email address and a password.

3. Then you will find yourself automatically on the upload page of YUMPU Publishing. Upload your PDF or drag & drop it at the designated area.

Page turning effect after uploading PDF

Page turning effect after uploading PDF on YUMPU Publishing

4. Just below your uploaded PDF and finished flipping book, you will find your basic information for your flipping book.

Here you will be able to add a nice description.

Also, do not forget to include some tags relevant to your flip magazine to improve the search ranking in the YUMPU Publishing search and also other search engines like Google.

Include basic information on your flipping book on YumpuPublishing

Include basic information on your flipping book on YUMPU Publishing with a few clicks.

5. You just created your first flipping ebook!

6. Now you can go and share your created flip magazine on different social networks or/ and embed it on your website for enjoyable online reading.

Share and embed flipping book with the help of YumpuPublishing

Share and embed your flipping book with the help of YUMPU Publishing without much effort.


My fans and readers really enjoyed my new digital page flip creation. Therefore I’ve received so much positive feedback.

Truly a magnificent service with a massive set of multiple features and options to create page flip magazines.

Try the free flipping book software yourself and I promise you will be astonished. It’s easy and you will be increasing your traffic in no time. Trust me!

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