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Flipping Book for free with a guide that will help you

Flipping Book for free with a guide that will help you

The conversion of print materials to digital media offers an amazing new way to advertise and promote a business. I have found the services provided by the free publishing platform YUMPU Publishing as a great way to create a flipping book free that can be viewed online.

Creating a professional flipping book, digital magazine, flip publication or digital catalog can be a challenge. As well as viewing a PDF on an iPad, iPhone, or tablet. Especially when suitable alternatives are not available.

Luckily there are a lot of flip book free online publishers which allow you to make page flipping magazines, catalogs, and brochures that you can view on any device.

But be careful, not every page flip software is as good as it may seem.

That’s why choosing the right flippingbook publisher is inevitable!

Let me tell you: Finding the right free flip book software online isn’t an easy task. There is a ton of flipbook software and there are many options for users to consider when making flipping books online.

The good news is: I am here to save you from all the struggles that I went through. I will tell you how to make flipping book online. And which flipping book free software is the best of all the ones you can find online.

Now let’s get to it.

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Table of contents

What is a flipping book?

How to make flipping book?

How to make flipping book?

Well, let’s start at the very beginning.

Originally a flipping book is a book made out of a series of paper pictures. When flipped through, the drawings really seem to move.

Besides animated pages and a page flip effect, the original flipbook doesn’t have much in common with the digital flipbook I am talking about today.

Now you are probably wondering: But what is a digital flipbook free?

A digital flipbook is the online version of a print document. It is engaging and often contains interactive elements.

Moreover, you can view your digital magazines and flipbooks online on any device and flip through the pages.

A digital flipbook dressed to impress

Accessing content on the go is more important than ever.

Nowadays, readers use all kinds of devices to consume content. Consumers have the option of using laptops, iPad, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, e-book readers, and other types of devices to view the content within a flip catalog.

As flipbooks are mobile-friendly, you can and should take advantage of an HTML flipbook maker. Especially because your readers can view flipping books in any browser and with any device. No matter if it is an iPhone, iPad, Huawei, or Mac.

You only need to swipe to turn the pages of a flippingbook.

Luckily, it’s possible to create an interactive digital page flip magazine at no extra cost. But only with a few available online flipping book publisher sources.

A lot of platforms require a fee to make a page flipping magazine or promotional/marketing product.

The technology currently used for flipbooks allows most types of content to convert to a virtual document. But be careful, not all flippingbook publishers offer the same amazing HTML5 flipping book features!

Flipbook publishers benefit from a reduced PDF size. I have discovered that PDF compression reduces the total size of a document by over 40 percent.

Readers will not see any loss in quality though. The compression ensures that the quality of photos and other details is retained.

The best free flipping book software

So which free PDF page turning software allows you to make a stunning flipbook? And which one offers excellent features without having to pay for it?

Well, creating an interactive flipbook with this specific free flipping book publisher is super easy. Once converted, you can flip pages and read them like an actual brochure, catalog, or magazine.

I bet you can’t wait to find out which flipbookit software I am talking about…

…. it is the free flipping book maker YUMPU Publishing.

Flipping Book creation with Yumpu with many advantages

Flipping Book creation with YUMPU Publishing with many advantages like high performance, visibility boos or added value.

Each converted page is displayed in crisp detail and is sized to fit a user’s browser window. So the documents are adjusted to the resolution of each screen – automatically.

As these flipbooks are optimized to fit all screens, there is no need for publishers to make any configurations.

Very user-friendly!

But wait – there’s more.

Awesome, easy-to-use and many cool features

Even more features and benefits come with this flipping book creator.

  • Embedding your custom-built flipping books on your website or blog is a great way of engaging your visitors. Replacing printed documents with electronic versions has become a universal trend. Not only because of the cost savings. But also because of the increase in environmental consciousness. Going paperless is an important step that should not be overlooked.

  • Simply share your online publication on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

  • Another feature I have discovered is including a link to your flipbook into an email message. E.g., A newsletter that is sent to your mailing list/customers.

  • You can easily add videos (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), audio files, image slideshows, links, and other rich media elements into your brochures and flip books with the adFree plan. Just upload your regular PDF file and include the elements of your choice.

  • Due to their 24/7 accessibility and mobile-friendly nature, flipbooks are very popular among digital readers.

  • Your readers or customers can download the electronic file.

  • In case you need help with your publication, there is a great support team that answers all your questions within a heartbeat.

Stunning additional features

If you want to try out some other additional features to create flipping book online free such as:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Google Analytics

  • Visibility settings

  • Advertising-free publishing

  • and many more

…you can always upgrade to one of their paid plans.

Prices start at $19.95 with the “adFREE” plan. For the features, you get the price is more than justified. The adFREE plan comes with a 30-day free trial so you got nothing to lose.

I’m personally using this plan, and can only recommend it. I especially like that my created flipbooks get indexed by Google – meaning more traffic for my digital magazine!

How to create a flipping book free?

You can convert a technical manual, a comic strip, a periodical, or even a company brochure to a flipbook.

Now that you know what to use flipbooks with flipping pages for and what features they have, it’s time to answer the most basic question.

How to create a flipping book from PDF?
  1. Sign up or log in

  2. Upload your PDF and get a flipping book from PDF

  3. Add basic information to your flipping book

  4. Publish, and finish!

Step 1: Log in with your existing account or sign for a new account. Then verify your email address by clicking on the link within the confirmation email.

Flipping book account registration on Yumpu Publishing

Flipping book account registration on YUMPU Publishing by entering the e-mail address.

Step 2: Upload your PDF file to the flipbook converter in order to create a flipping book pdf free.

Flipping book upload on YumpuPublishing

Flipping book upload on YUMPU Publishing with two options – Drop a file here to upload or Select a file to upload.

Step 3: Next, click on “PUBLISH NOW” to view your already made flip PDF publication.

Flipping Book overview on YumpuPublishing with one click

Flipping Book overview on YUMPU Publishing with one click using the example of a business magazine.

Step 4: Once done, click on the pencil icon if you want to make any changes. If you want to upload another PDF, click on the upload icon at the top right.

Step 5: As soon as you click on the pencil icon, you will get to the site you see below. You can change the title and description of your flip magazine here. You can also add language, category, and new tags. This will help search engines better find your flipping magazine.

Flipping Book Basic Information on YumpuPublishing

Include to your Flipping Book basic information like title, description, language, category and tags.

That’s it – you successfully created your first magazine with a flip animation!

Bet you did not think publishing and creating flip books would be that easy! 😉

As I told you, their interface is really straightforward to use. So you can publish your latest magazines in a wink and create a digital flip book.

Creating a flip book PDF is easy

Creating a free online flipbook is an easy task. Nowadays, more and more people are converting their PDF files into a superior format.

I use the free flipping book publisher YUMPU Publishing to convert my standard PDF files into flipping books.

One of the main benefits is that the converted files load much faster in the reader’s Internet browser.

Furthermore, no software download is needed.

Besides, publishers can use a table of contents to guide their readers through the publication. If your readers are looking for a specific word in your text, there’s a search function too.

Is your business looking for a new digital marketing opportunity?

Then you should look at the many advantages of a PDF flip book free compression service.

If your business needs a solution for displaying promotional material online, using digital catalogs can be beneficial. Also at trade shows.

Just use your computer to upload a file. It will be ready to be displayed on any type of monitor and mobile device.

Let’s recap

In short, I really enjoy using their flipping books software to present the documents I created (for my personal and business use).

All in all, online flip books allow consumers to view the contents of various documents (e.g., a product brochure) online.

Due to their mobile-friendly nature, they are great for all devices with a touchscreen display.

I also love this professional flipbook maker because of its environmental benefits. Ebooks and free online flipbooks or free online magazine flip book free are great for the environment. With a digital publishing solution, I can include a free flipbook online. Instead of printing expensive paper materials.

Therefore the digital publishing software I just introduced you to is ideal to use.

There are many customization options available. All focusing on the users’ needs. Creating flip books from PDF has never been so easy.

Just try the free software YUMPU Publishing for yourself and see how you like it :). Creating a flipping book makes me so happy. I hope I was able to answer your question “How to create a page turning PDF“.


Since there was no download necessary for Yumpu I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did! It’s so easy to use it and the results are so good looking. I can hardly believe that you can get this kind of flipping book with a free tool.

Michael Green
Michael Green

Glad you like it. It’s definitely the easiest to use and has a lot of benefits over other similar (paid) programs. Anyone should at least try it before testing any other paid version

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