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Flip Book Software for creating interactive Flipbooks

Flip Book Software for creating interactive Flipbooks

A while ago, I struggled to find the right website to convert my PDFs into a clean e-reader version. I wanted the digital issue to have a similar look and feel as print versions. However, I was frustrated by some of the electronic flip book software out there. But upon further research, I found an easy and free site called YUMPU Publishing! At that time, I was a recent graduate from the university level and wanted to get a job; As I’m digitally savvy, I wanted to get my resume online. Added to this, I had a short story that I wanted to convert from a PDF to a crisp-looking e file. But I didn’t want to choose just any flip book software online.

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Flip Book Software on the laptop with a pageflop effect

Flip Book Software on the laptop with a page flip effect

This flip book software is easy to use

The platform in question really simulates the experience of reading printed materials digitally. Similar to a print magazine but in a digital form.

What makes things even better is that this supreme service is available free of charge.

The process of submitting your content is simple. And I guess that everybody likes software that is easy to use and free, especially if a quality publication is a result.

All you have to do is grab your PDF file and follow the easy and free set-up process on YUMPU Publishing. Once you’ve uploaded your PDF, millions of people will soon see your content.

The fuss-free handling finally convinced me to submit my resume and the eighteen-page short story.

Once submitted, YUMPU Publishing easily turned them into crisp, easy-to-read, electronic reader versions.

Not only are my PDF files displayed in an excellent-looking way…

…but, I was even able to customize the background color.

There really wasn’t a better option for me.

Here is a short video in case you want to see a detailed video guide on how to create a flip book:

I believe that this flip book animation software will be beneficial to all of you looking to publish content online. Your readers can quickly move from page to page, making it easy to get to your favorite magazine article.

I also found myself attracted to the chic look of this software.

The pros of this publishing platform

No matter if you need to upload a resume or a magazine. With this free flipbookit software, the site has proven to be the real deal for me.

I like the fact that the PDFs I upload are immediately accessible and load super fast. And no matter where I share them, they will look clean.

Once uploaded, your content automatically adjusts to all devices. No matter if viewed on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Sounds good, right?

Here’s another thing.

Another advantage is that my created magazines are now found in search engines like Google and Bing.

Just imagine. Your flip magazine being visible to a ton of new readers!

All that because the flipbooks created with this flip book reader software get indexed by Google.

This is amazing to engage your audience.

With their multimedia editor, you can embed videos, audio files, and slideshows.

Once enriched with multimedia elements, the flip books can be easily embedded into your social networking sites.

You don’t have to be a techie to share your flipbook

This way, you can make sure even more people see and read your content. The content spreads quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how you can share it:

My favorite flip book software

Millions of people view YUMPU Publishing daily, and that is for a good reason.

The publishing platform is set up in a way that makes electronic publishing and reading pleasurable and stress-free.

No one wants free page flip software that is difficult to handle.

Moreover, this PDF page turning software is used by so many publishers and big brands around the world. That’s why I couldn’t help but choose to convert my PDF files through this site.

It is 100% free to sign up, and the support of the site is terrific.

For me, this online flip book software is beyond exceptional. So why not give it a go!

It’s fast, free, and can put your content in the hands of millions of people.

I can only recommend you try out the free flip book software YUMPU Publishing.

Joshua S.
Joshua S.

Thanks for the tip! I just signed up and really like the software so far 🙂


Howdy Michael,

How do I add videos to my flipbook? Is there some kind of step-by-step guide?


Michael Green
Michael Green

Hi Austin,

yes, there actually is a video that explains pretty well how you add videos to your magazine.

Regards, Michael

Susie Peters
Susie Peters

Nice article, Michael. I have been using the software for about 2 years now and can only recommend it.

I used to share my short stories as PDF but never got a great response. People had to download my PDF first, I had no idea how I could embed the PDF on my website let alone share via my social media channels.

So when I found this service, it was simply incredible. Sharing my stories with my followers was so simple and the best – my readers can now read my stories on my website too. I also gained a ton of new readers because my flipbook can be found on Googles search results too!

If one of you is interested in my short stories, feel free to check them out here:

Michael Green
Michael Green

Thanks for sharing your story Susie!

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